Friday, October 24, 2014

Clay Pot Pumpkin Candle

Some of you may have noticed the clay pot pumpkin on the counter last week when I posted about my Bay Window Hoop Pumpkins.

This is all it was, a clay pot with a cork in it. 
That's it.

I drew lines down the pot with a marker, but honestly, I liked it better before.
Oops, too late now.

I used a smaller size saucer to hold the candle so that when the candle's not lit, the pot fits over it.

The candle is pumpkin spice.
I love this time of year!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's a Party! #181

Welcome to the party!

Is everyone busy getting ready for Halloween? Everyone around here is still talking baseball. Yes, our Royals made it to the World Series! We're going to forget about last night's loss, today is a new day and we're hoping for a win tonight. Let's go Royals!

Did you catch the features this morning from last week's party? They're Here if you missed them.

Link up anything you want to share with us this week. It can be your fabulous craft, yummy recipe, giveaway, shop, etc.

I'll feature the Top 5 most viewed links next Wednesday. I started a board on Pinterest where I pin all of the fabulous features. You can follow along Here.

I would love for you to follow A Creative Princess while you're here!

If you would like to grab an It's a Party button (on the sidebar) and post it on your blog somewhere, that would be great! Let's get the word out and grow this party.
The more the merrier!

We all love comments, so please visit other links and have fun!

Hits of the Party!

Wasn't last week's It's a Party fun with all the Fall and Halloween projects?

They all were awesome, but here are just a few of the top hits.

Halloween Tea Party with my G'girls

Spider Spells Book

Sweater Pumpkins

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie

Pumpkin-Ricotta French Toast Roll-ups

I can't wait to see what all you have to share this week!
I'll be back later this afternoon to get this week's party started.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oreo Spider Cookies

Jace was here this weekend and he and I got bored with the football game on Sunday,


We conjured up some spider cookies!

We made sure to use the Mega Stuff Oreo's so the pretzel legs could slide in.

After the chocolate covered pretzel sticks had hardened, Jace broke them all in half and stuck them in the Oreo's.

Then he added some beady little eyes with the white and black icing.

During the 4th quarter of the Chiefs football game,
our spiders were born!

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Bay Window Pumpkin Hoop Art

I know that title is confusing and I'll explain, but first I need a disclaimer about the photo's.

It's impossible to take a good photo of a burlap hoop hanging in a bay window with sun coming in!

So I had to wait until it started getting dark outside and then the color is all jacked up.

Anyway, I think you can still get the idea.

I wanted to use the rest of the burlap that I had left from other projects, so I put the pumpkins in 3 different size hoops. I ended up having to add orange flannel to the back because the pumpkin was getting lost when the sun came through the window in the afternoon's. It worked.

Then I hung them using twine and thumbtacks.
(Ignore all the Crystal Light bottles sitting there. They were on sale last week and we love adding them to our water bottles.)

It's such a simple idea, but it really adds a fun impact to the window.

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